Criminal Defense & DUI Attorney

A knowledgeable criminal traffic offenses attorney can help prevent drunk driving charges or other serious traffic offenses from compromising your future. Don’t hesitate: if you have been arrested for drunk driving or for another criminal traffic offense in the State of Alabama, your freedom and financial stability are at serious risk and you should speak with a criminal traffic offenses lawyer as soon as possible.

Alabama Felony DUI Lawyer

16481236_xlEven a first time DUI conviction can cost upwards of ten thousand dollars once all required fines and fees are paid. Repeat offenders are often required to serve lengthy prison sentences and may lose their right to own firearms. What’s more, the Alabama Department of Motor Vehicles will automatically suspend a driver’s license following an arrest for DUI or other serious traffic violation: no criminal conviction of the driver is necessary. At Sadberry Law Office, LLC, I have experience in providing exceptional criminal defense for Alabamians who have been arrested for criminal traffic offenses such as DUI and I assure you that I will use all of my expertise on your behalf to protect your freedom and your reputation. Schedule an appointment today to speak with an aggressive criminal defense attorney and let me help you evaluate your options for fighting your charges.

Don’t Make a Statement Without Experienced Legal Counsel By Your Side!

An arrest for drunk driving can be a harrowing experience. You may have questions about your rights following an arrest or be concerned that you incriminated yourself by speaking to law enforcement officials. No matter how hopeless you think your situation to be, I urge you to tell a knowledgeable Alabama drunk driving attorney about the circumstances of your arrest. I will examine your case and help you figure out how to best proceed with your criminal defense.

Types of Charges

I offer exceptional legal representation for Alabama clients charged with misdemeanor or felony traffic offenses including:

  • Reckless driving
  • Driving without valid insurance
  • Driving without a valid license
  • Failure to stop at an accident scene
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

The most important thing to do in the case of an arrest is to speak with a qualified attorney immediately. Regardless of the charges or innocence, you have rights. One of those is to exceptional legal counsel. Let me provide that.

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Don’t let a conviction for a criminal traffic offense jeopardize your liberty. Make an appointment with a dedicated criminal traffic offense lawyer immediately. I will do everything in my legal power to help you.